I am adding some new stuff to the blog but that's about all right now. Work and life...especially during tax season is slightly overbearing at the moment. Link is up top or in the drop down menu.

Van Build

This is my 2005 Chevy Express van. It began its life up north as a Verizon fiber optics splicer van. I purchased her about a year ago and have been slowly preparing her for her new life as a camper van.

It's all in the past

Collected Memories....

I feel like this willl lead to a page to discuss trials and tribulations. There will always be challenges and mishaps along the way. Maybe this page will be a good place to discuss those and how they were overcome......because we shall overcome:)

Looking Forward

Where the next memory begins

As I get closer to my setting off on my journey this will link to a page covering forward looking plans, more long-term goals and objectives.  The more frequent updates  will be found in the blog that will be updated more consistently as internet access on the road allows.

I guess this is me

What should I say about myself?

I am in my early 40's and have worked my tail off to save up a few pesos and now I want to travel and explore America for a while. We never know when we'll be snatched off this rock so it's best to live while you are young(er) and able to do so with ease.

This could be a 6 month journey or it could be endless. Who knows? In my mind I'd like to travel for a few years and then maybe settle down in some sleepy little town with a low cost of living and use that as a base for part-time adventures.......but there again.....who knows?

All I know is it is time to start living. It's time to write my story.


Not sure what I want here yet

So there is nothing, lol